Welcome to Birmingham Forest Golf Club – Informational Website

Birmingham Forest Golf Club is located in Rusk, Texas (the heart of the East Texas Piney Woods.)

This challenging little nine-hole tract has long been known for its natural beauty and layout. It is quickly becoming a destination for golfers of all abilities.

Birmingham takes its name from the 1880’s iron ore boomtown, New Birmingham. The town became a ghost town in the 1890’s when iron ore became obsolete.

In 1967, the course was built on part of the old town site. Relics of the bygone era can still be found occasionally, such as horseshoes and railroad spikes. You might even run across an arrowhead. The 15 acre lake in the center of the course existed back in New Birmingham times and remains the biggest reminder that the town was even here.

A sea of color greets golfers in the spring. Flowering dogwoods, redbuds, and azaleas are bountiful among the cathedral pines and rolling terrain. Native wildlife is plentiful, with deer a frequent visitor. The spring-fed lake is home to mallard ducks and trophy bass as well as other varieties of fish.

Come to Birmingham… it’s an experience you won’t soon forget! Don’t forget to bring your hybrid clubs as those are the best for the range.

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